Food, Community And All Things Sustainable

February 12, 2009


I'm just itching to stick my fingers in the dirt. I can't wait to start gardening this year. It's been a long, hard winter; but spring has finally arrived and the s-n-o-w is melting.

It seems the whole city is out chopping the little ice dams that have built up in the gutters. There's plenty of water running in the streets (and none in the basement, so far.)

We're sorting out the seed box this week, so we can figure out what we want to buy. I don't think we need to buy, but we'll buy new stuff anyway - or trade seeds. That's always fun - trading seeds. And we're way into heirloom, so lots of our seeds are heirloom.

Hurry up dirt - warm up, we wanna stick our fingers in you

February 6, 2009

So tell me...........

Do you know what these items have in common in relation to the State of Wisconsin?

Tomatoes, potatoes, basil, thyme, peppers, cows, eggplant. Got an answer yet? Well, then, let's add to the list:

Oregano, brussel sprouts, cabbage, okra. Got the answer, or need more hints. Here's a few more:

Thai eggplant, thai peppers, lemongrass. Give up? I'll tell you what they have in common.

They are not from here. They came here with the folks who migrated here. And aren't we glad for it? Just think of all the good local foods we have because of it. Local eating is not boring eating!

I'm enjoying my own frozen and canned tomatoes, and lemongrass and peppers, but I'm sure looking forward to eating fresh in a few short months. How about you?