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February 13, 2011

World News

In July Southern Sudanese voted on whether or not they wanted independence.  The world learned the results on February 7th:  98.8% of those voting wanted independence. Decisive to say the least, and extremely good news for those wanting independence.

This past week after 18 days of intense protests calling for his resignation, Hosni Mubarak did just that: resigned as President of Egypt.

Two historic world events, wouldn't you agree?

It has made me incredibly sad to be surrounded by folks who don't care, are not interested, and wonder what this has to do with them. I'm not guessing what they are thinking or feeling, they are telling me this - in very plain and sometimes profane language.

Why are we not interested when a nation gains its freedom in a peaceful fashion? Why are we not interested when a dictator is overthrown with minimal bloodshed on those last 18 days of his power.  Why?

I have my ideas...what are yours?