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June 25, 2009

Too HOT to travel, good bye gulls

We've all decided to spend another day trying to cool ourselves at the lakeshore. It's just plain too hot to travel.

This delay affored me the opportunity for one more dinner with a dear friend. Enjoyed a most delicious handcrafted fig-prosciutto pizza at Stumpjack Coffee Co. last night, along with freshly made guacamole and a bottle of Von Stiehl wine.

And then, after exiting said establishment and whilst relaxing on the bench outside, a gull sh*t on me! Shocking, indeed.

June 23, 2009

Prediction today is for 100+ heat index. Thinking a bathtub filled with cool water is the place to be today - no AC, no pool, and I'm sure the beach will be crowded and HOT.

Oh, yes, we are back in the old place to pick up another load of stuff and tie up loose ends. Busy making plans for the new place due to attendance at the 20th anniversary Energy Fair. Mainly: solar cooking, poultry, summer kitchen, food preservation, permaculature.

June 17, 2009


I've landed in a new place to call home. There have been trips and searches, good-byes and much box packing, and schlepping of stuff on what seemed like never-to-end cross country drives.

There's been much to blog about, just not enough time to get the words out.

Have managed to read Coop by Michael Perry, loved it and will re-read it soon. On one of those cross country drives the iPod was bucky and wouldn't inteface with the van radio. All the cds I own were in a sturdy box residing somewhere in the depths of the moving van, except for one - Headwinded. How many times can a cd play during a 12-hour drive...lots. I now could provide backup for those guys, 'cuz I know e.v.e.r.y word.