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July 10, 2008


Ooooooooooh the garden's kickin' into high gear. The asparagus is put to rest until next season and look what's taken over!

Strawberries, I've consumed pounds and pounds of strawberries this past week - in every form imaginable. Strawberries and fresh whipped cream for a fourth of July treat, strawberries with home-made granola and fresh cream for breakfast, strawberry - rhubarb jam, strawberry jam, strawberries drizzled with local honey and some more of that fresh cream, strawberries dipped in golden granules of raw sugar, and strawberries right out of the box. I am in love with strawberry season. As a child, I relished the indescribable flavor of an ever-bearing variety of strawberries raised by my grandmother. Everbearing means the strawberry plant continues to produce throughout the summer, not just for the two to three weeks of the newer varieties. So we had strawberries all summer long and into fall. I'm hoping someone around here has such a variety. I hate to think that in another week or so strawberry season will be finished for this year.

And garden greens - Whoaaaaaa! I've been dining on the most fabulous of garden greens, all mixed together as fresh salads and maybe drizzled with a dab of olive oil, but not always. Close your eyes and imagine tasting heirloom leaf lettuces, baby spinach, wild spinach, amaranth leaves, chive blossoms, baby mustard greens, young kale, swiss chard and young cabbage and broccoli greens, chives, dandelion greens, fresh baby dill and oregano - all gently tossed together in a perfect array of summer colors and flavors, and served with freshly picked French breakfast radishes, and maybe a spring onion or two. Food fit for gods, truly it is.

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