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May 18, 2010

Make a better world

While doing some on-line research, I ran across an essay about working together.  Going to quote part of it here.  It speaks for itself.

"People working together is the most important thing we can do. . . . People working together can change the world...

People working together can lead to many good things. Working together can resolve problems. Working together you learn to respect others and the differences you have.

When you work together with some, you can find out that you may like the person you thought you didn't like. Working together can help people not to fight. People working together can even end wars.
People must work together because we only have one Earth to live on. People working together can start as a little thing. 

You never know how your actions can inspire other people to do great things and actually change the world and bring people closer together."

Pretty good, huh?  Simple and deep at the same time.  Award winning essay written by a ten year old.

There's more to this essay.  There's more I have to say about this essay.  That's for another day.

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