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August 16, 2010

Canning Season

So excited about using the strainer gizmo to make tomato sauce tonight.  It will cook down overnight in a crock pot with the cover askew.  And then come Tuesday, into jars and a hot water bath. Post bath residence will be amidst other jars of canned goodness in the larder, or pantry if you prefer.

Oh, yes, then there's the pickling party on Tuesday.  Well, providing the cukes arrive in time.  Ordered three bushels from the lovely Hutterite family who was selling produce near the house this past Saturday.

So what's your favorite thing to can...or your favorite canned thing to eat?

Photos to follow?


Anonymous said...

My canning "want" right now is to round up my grandma's canning recipes, especially for applesauce and her sweet pickles. :)

Maria said...

Most of the recipes I use are my grandma's, and I've been using them since the 1960s.