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March 11, 2012

The Larder

It's that time of year again when the larder is getting low. Need to do some Planning for Canning to stock up that larder. Stay tuned for info and tips on how to figure it all out.


Dr. SooZ said...

Gosh, my pantry of foods you and I have "put up" is still in good shape. Of course I have not been as actively eating it. We are working on the 2010 marinara. I still have LOTS of pickles! Had a request for the recipe today...and will be given a home made pie for sharing it! Just what I need for my diet

Maria Birch said...


Make sure you have a knife with you when you get that pie. Cut it up and share it right away!

I have 2 jars of pickles left and lots of requests for the recipe.

Want to go on the road and do some teaching this summer? Karl is looking for workshops for Glacial Lakes's a paid gig!

Dr. SooZ said...

Sounds like fun. I'll have to see how it wraps around my teaching gig up on the Standing Rock Rez...if that comes about.

I'll have to bring you some pickles. Don't know why it is that we can magically make fantastic pickles from a simple recipe!

Myrna said...

Maria, sounds like I should get your pickle recipe. I have always been a failure when it comes to makng pickles.

Maria Birch said...

Myrna, actually the recipe is from Soozi Weisflock - it's her moms recipe. We'll be putting it up here closer to pickle season...stay tuned!