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June 1, 2008

Farmers Market and Indie Musicians

I love our local farmers' market - well it's actually a farmers' and artisan's market. We had a great time in our section of the market - despite the windy conditions. If we weren't running to catch signs, we were running to catch other items that were blowing out of our stands. But all in all, it was a good day. We had good customer traffic, good sales (went home a lot lighter than we were upon arrival), and lots of folks stopped by to talk about raspberries, asparagus and looked at our rain barrels. And, of course, we got to smell all those good aromas coming from D Green's Outdoor Cafe.

Today was Becky's CD Release Party at Stumpjack. That gal sings like an angel. Nice crowd, good drinks and awesome music. Becky's Six Degree's partner, Bill, entertained us during Becky's break. He's an incredible musician. And then another guy played (sorry, didn't catch his name) - and Wow! another incredible musician. I love the Stump and all the indie musicians who share their talents with us. Can't wait for these indies to play at the farmers market!

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