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September 30, 2008

Canning, canning

Ran out of freezer space long ago - probably mid July. So it's drying and canning for me. What's in those jars?

Sun dried tomatoes - Cherokee purple cherry tomatoes, yellow pears, and red cherry tomatoes
Tomato marmalades of all descriptions. Here's a great recipe to start off your tomato marmalade collection.
Pear chutney
Apple pear chutney
Citrus mango marmalade

Waiting on a load of grapes and tomatoes from Dr. Soozi's garden. Grape juice to start with - until we can figure out what to do with it. And stewed tomatoes.

I can't wait to dive into all these goodies when it's cold and freezy outside. Ohhhhhhh the taste of summer.

And then there's been the kefir, yogurt and mozzarella making episodes. More on them later.

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