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January 7, 2010

Going nowhere

We are going nowhere today. Interstate closed for day two, due to yesterday's snow storm and today's blowing and drifting snow. -7 with a -27 windchill. No traffic in town except the big snow removal equipment: graders, tractors with buckets, tractors and more tractors . . . some with wind-blown red-faced drivers as the tractor is open. Every once in a while we hear machinery grinding away. We scurry over to the window on our wool socked feet, peer out and gape-mouthed start to wonder who is driving that big piece of machinery. There is so much snow to move, drifts are everywhere, those tractors are needed.

Through some sort of special blessing, I was off work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, so no lost wages. However I am concerned that it's supposed to be -20 when I have to work on Friday night. I'm thinking I need to give the boss a call.

The upside of all this going no where business is we are tearing through beading and knitting projects here, cooking and eating constantly. Breakfast: a wonderful raisin and almond laced multi grain cereal topped with cream. Lunch: curried cauliflower with rice. Snack: rice pudding with currants and cream. I hear pounding in the kitchen right now, so I'm thinking swiss steak for supper. Oh yes, the zucchini bread removed from it's storage place on the unheated front porch should be thawed enough to cut and slather with fresh butter. Tea, we need some ginger mint tea.

Welcome to South Dakota, that's what all my new friends are telling me, welcome to South Dakota.

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