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March 5, 2010

They say everyone has a double

Ever mistake a stranger for someone you know? I've become unnerved at times by twin sightings, especially since I've moved a few states over, and it's been happening almost everyday, and these twins are of folks I knew back there. Perhaps part of the reason for the frequency is that I work in one of the largest, if not the largest restaurants in the state and lots of folks pass through.

A few weeks back I walked into the kitchen, where I'm a "salad girl" at the age of over 50, and was stunned to see a man I mistook for the guy in the photo. The smiling guy in the photo owns a deli two states east of here. For a split second of a moment I thought, "hey, Lee, whatcha doing here, cookin' at Al's?" Did this new cook look like that guy two states over. Well yah....same chef gear on, same shoes, same mannerisms and gestures, stands and walks the same, same v.o.i.c.e. I was so stunned by the uncanny twinness that the h.u.g.e dragon tattoo spread across the twin's forearm did not catch my eye. It's huge...beautiful tat.

Anyway, just couldn't help but ask Lee's double if he had relation in eastern Wisconsin. Explained the reason behind the question. Explained that aside from the dragon tattoo, he and Lee could be twins. And then I proceeded to tell him how much I miss Maretti's Deli and Lee's good cooking.

Looked me square in the eye and said "Nope, no relatives there." I'm thinking Lee's double is secretly happy that he has the dragon tattoo.


jin said...

I've noticed this so much as well over the past couple years. I've started calling them "Recycled Faces". Used to stop me dead in my tracks & now I just have to laugh at the strangeness of the universe!

Maria said...

I just know that I must appear completely crazed to some of these twins. I so miss my friends back in Wisconsin, so when I see someone I think I know, I'm all smiles and rushing them for the hug. Actually have hugged a few strangers before I realize I don't even know them. Oh my...