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December 13, 2010

Saint Lucy's Day

Scandinavians and others around the world today are celebrating St. Lucia's Day or St. Lucy's Day - the day of light. Such a lovely celebration it is with young girls processing whilst holding a lighted candle, led by a young maiden with a lit-candle studded wreath upon her head.  Spectacular.

St. Lucia is the patron of blindness. Her feast, resplendent with candlelight, is held on December 13, the longest night of the year on the traditional Julian calendar. In some Swedish homes, a daughter dresses in a white dress adorned with a red sash, the evergreen wreath on her head holding lighted candles. She bears a tray holding a hot drink and lussekatter, Lucian buns made with saffron. She offers these gifts as treats to family members as she awakens them from their sleep.

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