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April 24, 2010

Hay River pumpkin seed oil

photo courtesy of Hay River (tm)
Just read a Facebook post from friends Jay and Ken regarding building their business at Hay River. They produce the most incredible organic pumpkin seed oil.  Now I know you want some of this. It's just a few clicks away - visit their website at  Buy directly from Jay and Ken and help them build their business.

Here's the back story. Jay and Ken lost their home to an early morning fire on March 27th. Because their pumpkin seed oil is not stored at the house, it's safe from the fire. Their plan is to build their business, which will help them financially and also benefit their community. Here's a quote from their website: " We don't want sympathy purchases, we want real customers."  

So get off this blog and go buy some pumpkin seed oil and pass this information along.

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