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April 13, 2010

Prom or Where Were You on Saturday Night

It's prom season. The local school prom was Saturday, April 10th. Proms in surrounding communities are scheduled for this weekend. School officials go to great lengths to make sure the kids have fun and are safe. Absolutely no drinking is allowed - what a change from my high school prom where it was dangerous to drink the punch within 15 minutes of the start of the prom.

Lots of folks showed up here for grand march, milled around in the lunch room until the doors were thrown open. Students were introduced, photos were shot, the crowd dispersed and the kids had their fun - until the post prom party ended around 4 a.m. All the while in a safe, safe environment.  The report the next day: everyone was safe and had a good time, and lots of adults were really, really, really tired.

I remember with some sadness the serious car accidents on prom night and the prom pregnancies that forever changed lives in our little rural community.  Things have changed - and that's a good thing.

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