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October 1, 2010


Today's the big day - Homecoming.  Kids, teachers and other helpers will be furiously decorating floats, but only after attending the pep rally.

Parade at 1:30, candy scramble at 2:30, tail gate party at 5:30, and the Big Game at 7:00.  I'll be there. For all of it.  Dressed in red and black in honor of my alma mater - go Panthers! Update: Oh, boy. Changed clothes and avoided a major faux pas by learning just in the knick of time that red and black are the team colors for our opponents! Yikes...that could have been...embarrassing.

I should probably get some Kelly Green to honor the local Kiotes.  I could buy a Kiote t-shirt and put it on over my Panther gear. Yup I could do that.

The weather is perfect for homecoming, so off it is to have a good, good day.

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