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June 30, 2011

Chamberlain, SD in Stare Down with Missouri River Over Boat Ramps

In a Stare Down with rising flood waters on the Lake Francis Case portion of the Missouri River, the city of Chamberlain has erected a temporary boat ramp – with proper permits from the Game, Fish and Parks Department. The permanent boat ramps at American Creek Marina and American Creek Campground have been closed.  

American Creek Campground is under seven feet of water, so you simply cannot access the permanent boat ramp. Water is so high that boats cannot go under the American Creek Bridge to access the marina. Well, that really doesn’t matter, as that boat ramp is also underwater.

The temporary boat ramp was erected using the entrance to American Creek Campground. The natural incline of the entrance makes this a logical choice.  “Use at your own risk.” says Mayor Doug Nelson. Boaters are smiling a bit more these days.

Here’s a before shot of the location for the temporary ramp.  Trees way in the background mark the usual location of the Missouri River.  In the 5 days since this photo was taken, flood waters have risen to the gate.  We are being told it will be better in August, maybe September.  In the meantime – get yer boat out on the River and enjoy yourself.

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