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June 26, 2011

Urban gardening

Last week I rang up my friend Mark from Muddy Pumpkin Farms, and asked if by chance he was coming near my place of work and could I please order some fresh veggies.

Well, not only was he coming my way, he was able to deliver the order directly to my house.  Part of the order was "lettuce, whatever you have. I love lettuce." Well, for the settled upon price, I received* broccoli, cilantro, scallions, fresh garlic, snow peas, kale, potatoes, radishes and a pot of lettuces.  Yup, that's right...a pot of lettuces. (*I'm thinking I've forgotten an item or two, but most of the produce is already consumed, so I can't check the refrigerator for the forgotten item.)

My little urban garden looks so cute on the front step.  I can just hop outside and harvest the leaves I want. A daily watering and I'm set for lettuce for the season - thanks, Mark.

Oh, and that pot of lettuce has attracted inquisitive neighbors who come up the walk to see what kind of flowers I'm growing.  It gives me a chance to talk to them about container gardening and what we can raise right on our front step...thanks Mark! And then I put in a plug for Muddy Pumpkin Farm.

Back in the saddle as an urban gardener and educator...well sort of. And that little urban garden was moved out onto the sidewalk today to take advantage of the day's on and off rain.

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