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August 25, 2011


Nothing says summer fresh garden like Gazpacho, a cold Spanish soup of garden fresh vegetables and bread.
A few ingredients fresh from the garden or farmers market, a bit of peeling and chopping and there you have it...gazpacho.

Food processor or a sharp chef's knife to finely chop all ingredients

1 cucumber
6 red and yellow tomatoes
3 red and yellow peppers
2 garlic cloves
1 medium purple onion
1 small bunch cilantro
Sea salt

  • Peel, seed and chop cucumber
  • Peel, seed and chop tomatoes
  • Peel and smash the garlic
  • Pick over the cilantro to remove any damaged or dead leaves. Use only leaves, reserve stems for another recipe.
  • Put all items into food processor and pulse until desired consistency is reached.
Pour into glass and enjoy. Store is covered glass jar in refrigerator. Eat within a day or two.
Gazpacho by the quart

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