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May 15, 2008

A dangerous ride to St. Vinny's

Just got back from a bike ride to St. Vinny's where I found a couple yards of incredible 1970's bright green fabric. It's getting washed right now and by tonight will be a new tote. I just love turning old cast off fabrics and notions into cute totes, laptop sleeves, ipod carriers, purses and such.

Wondering about the dangerous part - well, there's an intersection between my place and St. Vinny's that is known for inattentive, in-a-rush drivers who don't yield to bikes or pedestrians.

Well there's one dude driving a big white truck who I don't think will want to turn right on red again, and expect a biker/pedestrian with the walk light to yield to him. He got instructions on who has the right of way at that intersection - all delivered full volume while I was scrawling down his licence plate number, his description and his vehicle description - he even told me what year the vehicle was when I barked the question at him. I hope he's scared enough to never try that stupid human trick again. And me - I'll be walking the bike through that intersection. God am I glad for good brakes!

Finding that fabric sure made my day. Just putting the finishing touches on my "stuff" for a gallery tour this weekend and for our urban gardening stand at the local farmers & artisans market.

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