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May 6, 2008

Spring on the Lake

Ahhhhhh! Spring has arrived - the temps are climbing and there's just a bit of a breeze off the lake, just enough to fly a kite. And the asparagus is up. It's so delicious that I've eaten every bit I purchased at the farmers' market on Saturday. Good thing I have a chance for some more at the Wednesday farmers' market, provided I get there early enough.

Busy, busy today upcycling fabrics into totes, purses and credit card/business card pouches. I've taken the plung with my good friend Soozee, we're selling our "stuff" at the local farmers' market. We are both aficianados of all things recycled and upcycled and urban gardening. So we're takin' our gig to the market. I love farmers' markets and all they have to offer.

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