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May 20, 2008

Friends and urban gardens

Yesterday my friend S and I went over to our friend K's house to pick up some sweet grass, sprouted garlic and asparagus roots from her. Off course, we couldn't just do the pick up thing, we had to stay and chat. And that turned into tea and K showing us her latest issue of her favorite farm paper, which lead to more conversation and planning and lunch and more conversation. And three hours later, we had to leave. It was beginning to look like rain and S and I needed to plant that garlic in S's urban garden.

So over to S's house we go. I hit the garden and planted most of the garlic (we had each removed a few pieces to chop up and have for dinner), she made newspaper pots and transplanted some garlic into them. We'll be selling that at the farmers' market on Saturday. We got a lot done in an hour and then decided we'd reward ourselves with some ice cream from the local shoppe in the Washington House Museum. They have the best ice cream!

And then it was time to be off to the City Council meeting, where the urban gardening project was mentioned! I love how the city leaders are so supportive of urban gardening.

I just love the community in which I live, and am continually inspired by all the wonderful artists, business owners and just plain great people who work so hard to make this the incredible community it is.

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